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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bears? - What bears?

This is the stretch of highway we were told would have more bears per mile than any other road we travelled. Hmm - and I am QUITE AFRAID of bears!

While travelling Helen was convinced she saw a bear in the the distance on the opposite side of the road. If that had been me I would have turned around and peddled fast in the opposite direction. As she came closer to the bear it was not leaving the highway so Helen began to plan her strategy to get around the bear safety. Perhaps a truck would pass the bear at the same time she went by or maybe - just maybe the bear would leave. In fact another thing happened - the bear turned into a sign just as Helen cycled close enough to see. Helen swears the sign turned back into a bear after she rode past :) Perhaps this will become an rural legend about the bear who became a sign. Makes sense to me - we have other legends of bears becoming signs in the heavens (ursa minor, ursa major) so a why not a road side sign?

We arrived in McBride with plenty of time to gas up our Chrysler van and find a little liquid refreshment for ourselves. Then we made our way to a great campground just east of McBride. The Beaverview campground has great facilities and very welcoming owners. I could have stay there longer but it will definitely be a place I will return.

The next morning after another big breakfast of Sunny Boy Cereal we headed for the road and wind! This first part of the day was perhaps our worst day for riding into a head wind.

We rode past the Terry Fox Memorial Park and the memorial placed along the highway to remember a man who was very courageous. His journey and accomplishments makes our journey seem very small by comparison and I pause to remember his spirit. The following is from the BC parks website.

"The beautiful Mount Terry Fox Provincial Park lies adjacent to the western boundary of Mt. Robson Provincial Park, encompassing Mount Terry Fox (8,700 feet/2,650 metres)

Mount Terry Fox is dedicated to the memory of Terry Fox of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Terry Fox lost a leg to bone cancer, but undertook to run across Canada on an artificial limb to raise funds for cancer research. He completed 3,360 miles (5,375 km) of his epic journey before illness forced him to end his run. His valiant effort against incredible odds touched the hearts of all Canadians and people around the world. Terry died on June 28, 1981. The mountain that bears his name will serve forever as an enduring and fitting memorial to a young Canadian's determination, selflessness, and courage. The park was officially dedicated by the family of Terry Fox and the people of British Columbia on September 22, 1981."

Our journey continues to Jasper where we overnight in Whistlers Campground. This federal campground is very nice and we might have had a fine evening sitting around a fire except the rain starting to fall at 8:30 and it drove us into our tents for an early night.
Later that night I was spoken by sounds that I first thought were wild life close to our tent. Unfortunately it was not four legged wildlife as I suspected. Rather it was two legged people enjoying their intimate company. The very loud sounds of ecstasy, grunts and groans they made went on ALL NIGHT!! I applaud them for their stamina :)

It snowed in the mountains at Jasper overnight and it was quite brisk in the morning as we had our hot cereal and made our way to the Jasper Elementary school.

Jasper students who received the Munsch Book and the resource book we left at every school.

Helen moments before departing Jasper.

At Jasper our only injury happened and it did not happen on a bike!
It was David's turn to be Loretta in the Munsch Story "ZOOM" During par tof the story telling both Helen and David had satrted to Zomm around the gym or classroom for added effect. This mornign when david went to Zoom he pulled a groan muscle and became a candidate for our injury reserve list. He did try to ride his bike for 40 kms later in the day but told us it was very uncomfortable. Just before the Obie Summit he become our van driver and and gave us one of the best surprises on tour at Niton Junction!

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