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Friday, October 12, 2007

Onward to Vanderhoof BC

Thursday afternoon we left Mouse Mountain School in Fraser Lake at continued riding east with our evening destination in mind "Vanderhoof, which claims to be the geographical centre of BC. Vanderhoof is in the beautiful Nechako Valley and surrounded by farmlands so this prairie boy was feeling at home in this countryside even if it was surrounding by forests and mountains above.

We were motivated to get the Vanderhoof by the compelling visionof soft warm bed instead of a tent (well at least I was) Tonight we were guests of Alan's friends Paul and Ann Collier. and the supper Ann provided was delicious and the conversation was warm and friendly - we had a great time. The memory I will have from that night is the slice of lasagna Alan had. IT WAS HUGE and I'm sorry I did not run out the the van and grap a camera for digital proof. Ann accustom to feeding young athletics high calorie meals . We probably had more calories in the one meal than most people need in a week but we didi our best to burn in all the next day between the school presentation and the ride into Prince George.

On Friday morning we said our goodbyes to Ann and Paul and made our short journey to the school in Vanderhoof.
After the WL McLeod Elementary School presentation we again jumped on our bikes and headed out onto the highway. The school presentations alway gave us extra energy to cycle. Sharing reading and writing with students is important and hopefully one student will to a littel it better because we were there - who knows - I just hope that is possible.

On our way to Prince George we meet the dream team for cycling fundraisers - Cops for Cancer. 22 police officers from northern BC were cycling from Prince George to Prince Rupert, the same trip we were going but they were heading west, Their support team and equipment was a sigth to behold.

Our Van seems small when side by side with their truck. Interesting point - both fund raisers were sponsored by Chrysler - Way to go Chrysler dealerships in Camrose and Prince George!

Our arrival into Prince George marked the end of our first week on the road and gave us the promise of a day off - well not really but it felt like it. Luckily for us the weather was friendly and we enjoyed the sights and sounds of Prince George.

On Saturday morning we went to the Prince George Public Library and gave our presentation to a small group of kids and parents. Heck we'd do this presentation if one kid was present.

While in Prince George we do a little bike work to Alan and Helen's bikes. Alan bike to squeaking and Helen needs a new tire. This is all the repair work we need to do for the entire journey.

Then on Sunday morning we went to the United Church in down town Prince George and spoke there - We only did on Munsch Story - I love You Forever. After the service we were delighted to meet Cowboy Bob. Bob Chorney, also known as "Cowboy Bob", has shown love, acceptance and compassion to all he encounters for 30 years. Bob has been able to encourage, persuade and direct people to the appropriate helpers. His constant presence as a friend has earned the trust of many who have "fallen through the cracks" of society. He has provided a linkage between downtown services and the wider community. Bob has conducted regular "get acquainted" tours introducing any who wish to accompany him to each separate agency educating citizens of their own city network.
Cowboy Bob is nominated for the Prince George Community Foundation for Citizen of the Year award. I hope he receives the award, however I know it will not change what he does for his community.

Sunday afternoon the ride begins again! Our rest day has ended. We decide to leave Prince George early and make a few miles before coming back to Van Bien school to do ur presentation Monday morning. We decide to ride about 60km to Purden Lake - home of the famous Gourmet Burgers.

We reach Purden Lake and get to taste the Gourmet Burgers before we set up camp. We discover Purden Lake has no telephone line BUT the waitress told David if you stand on the top of the community fire truck at the front then you are able to get cellphone service.

This picture is Alan calling home using his cellphone on top of the community fire truck. The next morning David used this space as his office to call CAMFM to deliver the morning Munsch Report.

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