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Monday, October 29, 2007

Into Edmonton

The ride from Niton Junction to Edmonton was fast. Four lane divided highway made the cycling a bit easier but the highway noise was crazy at times or at least it drove me crazy!

Outside Stony Plain we decided to stay on Highway 16X since our overnight destination was Chris and Jenny's place on the east side of Edmonton.

We managed to stay riding on 16 until the Edmonton city limits and then made a wise choice to quit riding! Traffic was very heavy and it was the start of rush hour. The trucks were much bigger than out bikes and the car and truck drivers did not seem to care about little 'ol us pedalling as fast as we could.

So once more we piled everything into the van and said goodbye to highway 16. Our next highway would be #14 and we were leaving the Yellowhead behind us.

Arriving at Jenny and Chris's place for our "sleepover" was great as it allowed us to have many things such as a hot shower, a great meal we do not have to cook, and time to play with our new granddaughter Allison. Allison is three months old and is Helen and David's first granddaughter. She is beautiful.

We enjoy our visit and our eye lids are very heavy to quickly and soon we are in warm beds for a restful sleep. Tomorrow is our last day on tour.

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